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Is Assisted Living Right for You?

How can you know if the time is right for you to move from the family home to one that offers more support while allowing you to maintain independence? Start by asking yourself these six questions:

1. Are there rooms or sections of your home that you don't use, either because you aren't physically able to access them or simply because you have no need for so many rooms?

2. Is the upkeep of a house a problem for you either physically, emotionally, or monetarily? Are you unable to deal with periodic demands such as snow shoveling and painting? What about regular chores such as cleaning and cooking? Are you frequently faced with expensive repairs or replacements of appliances?

3. Do you have a complicated medication schedule that you often forget? Have you ever run out of a medication or not taken a dose because of forgetfulness?

4. Are you, or other family members, concerned about your driving abilities? Do you have problems driving at night or in bad weather? Do you have any access to public transportation? Do you ever skip events you're looking forward to just because you couldn't get a ride?

5. Do you ever go an entire week without a visit from another person? Do you have friends who live in your neighborhood? Do you ever feel lonely or depressed because you know you'll be spending the day alone, with only the television for company?

6. Do you ever worry about your safety, either that you will become ill while home alone or the victim of a crime?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, it may be time to assess if an assisted living facility will improve the quality of your life. With assisted living, you can still live an independent life in an apartment within the complex. You have the option of doing things on your own, such as cooking meals, or relying on those offered by the facility. But assisted living can take away the pressure of things like driving and maintaining a medication schedule while giving you the opportunity to enjoy things such as companionship and hobbies. Assisted living facilities can help you design the type of experience you want. Assisted living is a senior's safety net: there when you need them.

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