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Managing Diabetes in Senior Citizens


With an estimated one third of individuals over the age of 65 living with diabetes, diabetes management is now more important than ever. Diabetes management is often easier in children and young adults. With seniors, diabetes can present a number of challenges that can make disease management a challenge in itself. Whether you are a senior citizen living with diabetes or are concerned for a friend or loved one, you can make action to help lower the risk of diabetic complications that often occur as the result of inconsistent or lack of diabetic care. has a few tips to help address diabetes.

Diabetic senior citizens need to visit with their doctor on a regular basis for routine care. Many of the complications (and sometimes even a diagnosis of diabetes itself) go unnoticed because the symptoms of diabetes often mimic many of the signs associated with the aging process. Weight loss, blurred vision, thirst and frequent trips to the restroom can be signs of aging as well as signs of diabetes. Regular trips to your primary care doctor can help ensure the normal symptoms of aging are indeed just signs of aging and not something more serious.

Managing diabetes as a senior citizen can present a challenge; especially for senior citizens who are living on a fixed income. Diabetics need to eat healthy even if funds are tight. A healthy diet is a must for anyone attempting to manage Type I or Type II diabetes. Healthy eating needs to be a priority when it comes to managing diabetes. With a limited budget, senior citizens can look into buying generic store brands instead of name brands and look into senior meal programs that are available in most communities.

Remember that disposable diabetic supplies are just that…disposable. Disposable supplies should never be reused in an effort to save money. Diabetic seniors should not be using disposable supplies; such as syringes. This can be extremely dangerous to the health of a diabetic. Contaminated medical supplies can cause medical complications and infections that have a potential to be fatal. Seniors need to have an adequate supply of diabetic supplies on hand.

Diabetic senior citizens need to stay mobile! Being active is important for all seniors and is extremely important in managing diabetes; especially when it comes to regulating blood sugars. With a large number of the senior population having arthritis or other joint conditions that limit mobility, physical activity can sometimes prevent a challenge. For seniors with limited mobility, water exercise, walking and other low-impact exercises – such as Tai Chi – can be beneficial. Look into programs at your local senior community center.

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