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Job Interview Tips for Seniors

The job interview is an important part of the job search process. It is where the personal interaction takes place between the applicant and the interviewer. It is also the situation in which the hiring authority can evaluate the applicant. For the job seeker, it can be the most stressful part of the job search for applicants. They try to make a good impression for the interviewer.

For senior job seekers, the job interview can be especially challenging. In most cases, seniors had been in a position of employment for a period of time and has not been in an interview situation for years. Now in a position of seeking employment, they are faced with the prospect of participating in job interviews. Interviewers may be younger than the senior job seeker.

Today's workplace now has several generations working together. Older generations were used to hard work and long hours. Younger generations lean toward a balance of life and work. Generational differences may emerge in an interview where communication is misunderstood and tension may develop in the interview. There are methods in which seniors can be successful in a job interview. Steps can be taken to ensure a better experience in a job interview. Preparation and proper demeanor can make a good impression.

Prepare For The Interview

Preparation can be key for any job interview. Dressing professionally to reflect the position sought makes the applicant look good. Seniors should consult with friends and family members about what may be appropriate for dress. Research the kinds of questions that may be asked and practice sessions with other people. These techniques can help raise the confidence of the job seeker and make a difference in the interview.

Body Language

Be aware of the body language you use for any interview. People can communicate more by non-verbal cues that what is expressed verbally. Standing straight and maintaining eye contact is important. Maintaining confidence makes a more positive impact. Lean slightly forward in a chair and minimizing hand gestures shows you maintain interest.

Mirror Effect

One technique in an interview is to mirror the interviewer. If the interviewer is serious and straightforward in questioning, respond in the same manner. If the interview is light-hearted and informal, reflect this in your demeanor.

Tell A Story

Interviewers may be interested in skills and previous experience. Expressing this in an interesting way can be favorable to an interviewer. They help to make an applicant stand out and gives a clearer picture. The applicant can briefly explain past achievements and work history briefly to answer interviewers questions.

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