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Part Time Jobs for Seniors

Many seniors seek employment for different reasons. Difficult financial times force some seniors to seek employment for financial reasons others may want to do it to keep busy. For many seniors, part time employment may be perfect. There is a limit on how much income can be made in compliance with social security. Seniors may also be limited in physical ability to do jobs full time.

Senior workers offer many advantages for employers. They have a strong work ethic and are dependable. They have years of experience in certain industries. They offer flexibility with employers with different shifts. There are different occupations that seniors can work part time in.

1. Retail: Retail jobs provide flexible scheduling for seniors. Many retail stores are looking for just part time workers. Seniors who enjoy interacting with customers may do well in this field and can even take advantage of employee discounts on products.

2.Consulting: Seniors may have years of experience in certain fields. They can transition that experience to consult with businesses on how to improve performance and efficiency. As consultants they can set their own hours and rates and take pride in assisting businesses with their knowledge.

3.Freelance Writer: The internet and improved technology has provided people the ability to work anywhere. Seniors with a flair for writing can provide services for websites, journals and articles. Freelance work provides scheduling on the worker’s own terms as long as deadlines are met. employees a few senior freelance writers.

4. Museum Guide: Seniors who enjoy history can do well in this field. Museums may need part time staff to lead visitors through the facility. Seniors can provide insight from personal experiences about exhibits.

5. Temp office worker: Part time office work provides seniors with previous administrative experience to work in an office. Temporary work provides seniors the ability to work without having a long term commitment.

6.Tutor: Seniors who worked as teachers and instructors could do well as tutors. Working as a tutor gives seniors the ability to set their own schedule and to build their own curriculum. Seniors could also work through a tutoring center. There is little overhead and can work in a neutral area or the client’s home.

7. Library Assistant: Seniors have grown up using a library as an important community resource. They may find enjoyable work in this area. Libraries have had to cut costs due to decrease in funding. They may be inclined to hire part time staff rather than full time employees.

8. College Instructor: Some seniors can find a second career as a college instructor. A lifetime of professional knowledge can be used instructing future professionals in an academic setting. Many colleges are trying to cut costs by hiring adjunct instructors instead of full time professors. Seniors may do well under these circumstances.

9. Tax Preparer: Some senior workers may have worked as accountants and auditors with specialized experience with taxes. These individuals could work as part time tax preparers either for themselves or for agencies. They can set flexible hours and do the amount of work they want.

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